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     The house cleaning service carried out by Carpet Cleaning Services Chalk Farm was just exceptional in every which way. The team excelled in every department, and there were some rather tricky jobs that they had to see to too. I had a few problem areas in my property that were caked in dirt and muck and a whole load of other unseemly stuff. It didn't phase their professionals. They took care of everything without any problems. I'm definitely going to be using this company again.
Josh W19/05/2020
     This is simply one of the best cleaning companies in the business. They clean my flat once every month. It always looks immaculate. Best cleaning service I have used.
Natalie Kern19/09/2019
     I just moved in two weeks ago and Carpet Cleaner Chalk Farm made sure that my new home was spotless and they got rid of all the traces of the previous owner. Wow, worth every pound!
     I was looking for affordable cleaning services and requested a quote as the owner of my office requested me to take responsibility for this task. We were looking for someone who is proficient in hard floor cleaning as well as carpet cleaning. Chalk Farm Carpet Cleaning offered excellent customer service, was punctual and affordable too. What more can you expect? Now we are also using their cleaning services for weekly office cleaning across all our branches.
Emily Jones08/05/2015
     ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners is really great and I am very happy I stumbled upon them. I was searching for someone that could help me with my end of tenancy cleaning as I had to leave the apartment soon and I found them as a great deal. I hired them, everything was absolutely 100% smooth and the apartment was flawlessly cleaned too. Prices are great as well!
Judith 17/03/2015
     My boss told me to sort out a new cleaning service for our office cleaning so I got on the case ringing round companies in the area. ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners was the only one that gave me a quote reasonable to go back to her with! When the cleaners arrived they were well presented, polite and got on with the work swiftly and efficiently. They were everything you could want or expect from a cleaning team and I could not be more pleased with how our relationship has turned out. They really are the very best at what they do!
Janet H.09/10/2014
     Apart from the everyday dusting and weekly vacuuming, I make it a point to schedule seasonal cleaning a couple of times a year. Health is an important priority in the house and we like to keep everything looking good. I've been hiring ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners for seasonal cleaning for years now and it's the best decision I ever made. Their domestic cleaning services are a real investment and the cleaners will leave your home spotless from top to bottom. I always feel better after a cleaning project with the company because the house just looks and feels and smells so much fresher and healthier.
N. Folly19/09/2014
     It doesn't matter what the situation is, I always call up ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners for the best clean. Their service is unbeatable, and even if it's just a quick whizz round with the hoover, or a full on end of tenancy deep clean, I can trust in them to do the best job. They have such commitment to customer service, and they seriously know their stuff when it comes to cleaning! I hope I can take them with me when I move, no one else cleans the way this team does!
S. Silvester04/09/2014
     I wasn't going to hire a cleaning service, but after seeing what ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners accomplished at my friend's house, I had no other choice! All it took was a few hours to transform my home from reasonably clean to 'cleaner than I could have ever expected'! Marked tiles were shined up, coffee stains in the corners were dealt with in no time. Seriously, my house looks brand new! In terms of absolute cleaning service and quality standards, these cleaners are hard to beat! I would definitely recommend them, even if it's just for a speed clean you'll be dazzled by the results.
     I was going on holiday and I wanted to have my car valeted for the journey. In the past I had always cleaned my car myself but I thought it was time to call in the experts. I hired the services of ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners to take on the task. I have to say that they were very friendly and flexible in their approach to the job. They came out to my home and did the work on my drive using steam cleaners and various other cleaning products. They were very cheap in my opinion and truly dedicated professionals in their work. All in all a very pleasant experience.
Brendan Tomas24/07/2014
     My friend moved house around the same time that I did and raved to me about the end of tenancy cleaners from ChalkFarmCarpetCleaners. I'd seen the property before and after she'd left, so I had a good idea of what to expect when I hired them for my end of tenancy clean. The job they did was absolutely flawless - there wasn't a single fault that I could find (and my landlord was just as unsuccessful!). I'll be using this company for carpet cleaning at my new house, and I'm really glad I discovered them when I did. A fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service that was nothing short of perfect - very impressed!
John F.08/07/2014

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